Gigantic List Of Self-Care Items!

Gigantic List Of Self-Care Items!

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We’ve talked quite a bit about how self-care impacts our mental and physical well-being. With that being said, there are plenty of products out there that can help us with our self-care routines. I wanted to share my gigantic list of self-care products that I like to turn to!



If you have sore muscles and joints after a busy day, this stuff works. I have fibromyalgia, and Mineralgia has completely helped me (and even my mom) with bad pain. It is a natural pain relief cream developed by chiropractor Dr. Brigitte Rozenberg. She wanted a drug-free solution to joint and muscle pain. But most of the popular topical solutions have a harsh smell, and are hardly natural. Drawing upon her memories of family vacations and visits to the Dead Sea inspired her to create Mineralgia, essentially putting those incredible healing salts into a bottle.

See The Healing Effects of Mineralgia Here


Floral Street Candles

Candles. There is something I absolutely love about candles! I think a lot of moms can relate, too. Candles are used for self-care, lending a beautiful scent to the air that calms us down and helps us to relax after a crazy day. Floral Street candles are sustainable and vegan, making them healthy for the environment. The shopping experience is like nothing else. You can shop by mood, whether that be vibrant, glamorous, or mesmerising, they have a vast array of moods to shop for exceptionally unique scent experience like no other. I even had the chance to sample Floral Street, and I fell in love immediately!


Check The Scents of Floral Street Here


Dooey’s SlipShoes

Dooey's Slipshoe

We have to take care of ourselves, and that most definitely means the physical aspects as well as the emotional aspects. Dooey’s SlipShoe (which is a cross between a slipper and a shoe) is extremely comfortable. I wear these around the house, and I love them. Not only that, these slipper shoes are created sustainably! They actually have a sugarcane sole, apple vegan leather and cork insoles. I have the black pair, just like the ones pictured above! Let me tell you, I wear these things even to go get the mail, they are great for wearing anywhere around the house! Even if you’re just snuggling up on the couch!

Check Out Dooey’s Here



Sometimes it just feels so good to take our shoes off outdoors and let the grass tickle our feet, or feel the soft, delicate sand between our toes when we are at the beach. Cue Nakefit, which are incredible sole protectors that keep your feet protected while walking virtually barefoot. These bad boys actually protect against dirt and germs, and even protect you from slipping, too. They conform right to your foot and you’ll have protection for hours. I loved roaming around the grass in these! It made me feel more grounded and closer to nature, which I love.

Connect To The Outdoors With Nakefit