Welcome To Positivity In Pain

Welcome To Positivity In Pain

Jennifer Passmore, Founder

We’re so happy that you have chosen to visit our little corner of the internet. If you are living with chronic illness or pain, you’ve come to the right place. We are here to help provide distractions via humor, projects, fun games, a private group and more! Please have a look around, and if you want to chat, visit the “contact me” page!

Creating A Better World For Those In Chronic Pain

Here at Positivity in Pain, we believe in the intrinsic value of each person and see past their disabilities. We make it a point to share laughter and levity, since the world is too far a serious place already! It is important to remember that we ourselves are fighters. If a little chuckle can bring a light to someone else’s day. we’re all about it here. We truly appreciate you being here and checking out our mission.

Getting Started

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Let’s Do This

It is only together that we can create a better world for those living in chronic pain or dealing with illnesses. While we understand things like laughter isn’t a cure-all, it can help for some. Come spread joy with us!

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At Positivity In Pain, we do a variety of photo, writing, and video projects, and even a wonderfully fun card swap during the holidays! You can always find what our current projects are by visiting our Facebook page!

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Visit our blog, where you will find all kinds of stories from other chronic pain patients, art, poetry, reviews and so much more.

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The most important aspect here at PiP is the community that we havev built and that we continue to build. Many have forged lifelong friendships. In order to be added to our extremely private Facebook group, PiPSTER’S Place, please add me on Facebook. After I add you, you can totally delete me. I just have to vet it to make sure nothing bad gets in the group.

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